Ever since the mojito took the world by minty storm, we've been searching for the next Latin super-cocktail, and we might just have found it in coquito. This sweet, rich Puerto Rican drink combines coconut milk, white rum, sugar, spices, and, sometimes, egg yolks. Coquito is usually drunk at Christmas (like many of us), but its luscious, creamy texture and ambrosial taste are too good to limit to just one day. The cocktail's name means "little coconut" and also alludes to Puerto Rico's beloved coqui - a tiny frog that sings through the night. But the only Spanish you really need to know when it comes to coquito is "mas," and perhaps "necesito un taxi." It might be hard to find coquito this far north, but if you can stir and pour, you can make a batch yourself - recipes abound online. If you're pleased with the results, consider entering the International Coquito Federation's annual coquito competition, held in NYC in late fall. You've got almost four months: get practicing!