If you like the concept of community-supported agriculture but crave animal flesh as much as farm-fresh produce, consider joining a meat CSA. Stillman's at The Turkey Farm (, Chestnut Farms (, and John Crow Farm ( are offering regular installments of meat for patrons who pay upfront for a season's worth of those cuddly animals depicted in children's books. The 130-year-old Austin Brothers Valley Farm (
in Western Massachusetts has a delivery site in Cambridge's Central Square and promises ground beef, stew beef, steaks, sausage, roasts, chops, bacon, and perhaps the occasional offering you won't recognize - just toss it in the crockpot and cross your fingers. Meat CSAs support local farmers who raise animals naturally and ethically. Plus, you get top-quality chuck for your buck. Cost, pick-up locations, and selections vary, but members are usually quite happy with their haul. Of course, maybe that's just the protein talking.