HOT AND WILD: Foraging

Sure, your veggies are local, organic, seasonal, and heirloom, but are they also wild? In the never-ending quest for edible authenticity, wild plants and fungi, such as ramps and chanterelles, are popping up on restaurant menus like, well, weeds and mushrooms. Foraged foods aren't as ubiquitous as iceberg lettuce, but you will find them at some Boston eateries when available. You might spot bright-orange chicken-of-the-woods mushrooms in your pasta at T.W. Food (377 Walden Street, Cambridge, 617.864.4745) or try ravioli stuffed with nettles at Green Street (280 Green Street, Cambridge, 617.876.1655) or fried fiddleheads at Oleana (134 Hampshire Street, Cambridge, 617.661.0505). Or just start nibbling in your own backyard - you'd be surprised how many edible plants grow right under our feet. To learn what will and won't kill you, take a guided wild-foods walk with master forager Russ Cohen ( He'll be at Allandale Farm on August 2. Take that, agricultural revolution!