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One Hot Move
Avanti Salon

As much as you may love a home, eventually the time comes when you need to find bigger digs. And who can blame the folks at Avanti for taking up residence at 20 Newbury Street (above Armani) in early August? The new salon will boast around 3,500 square feet; that’s about 1,000 more than their existing location at 11 Newbury. Twelve stations will provide plenty of workspace for the team’s trademark cuts, but Avanti will be adding a pretty robust suite of new services: manicures, pedicures, facials, waxing, and massages. In a spa-like spirit, guests will relax in a private reception area before entering the main space, and there will also be a separate compartmentalized room for perm and relaxing treatments, equipped with a special ventilation system to handle any fumes. And to think, some of us are just hoping our next apartment has counter space for a Keurig.

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