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In Hot Memoriam
East Coast Grill’s Pasta from Hell

When Chris Schlesinger announced he was selling Inman Square institution East Coast Grill (1271 Cambridge Street, Cambridge, 617.491.6568), there was sniffling in the STUFF office. Sure, once we found out it would remain open — and in the capable hands of chef Jason Heard — we dried our tears. But our eyes are still watery over the loss of one beloved, tear-duct-stinging dish: Pasta from Hell, a signature plate featured for 20 years on East Coast’s famous “Hell Night” menu. Smothered with tongue-searing habanero chili peppers and the restaurant’s Inner Beauty hot sauce, this flaming concoction would give the devil hot flashes. Sadly, it has been exorcised from future Hell Nights due to “circumstances beyond our control,” according to the restaurant’s website. (Anything to do, we wonder, with pasta-related emergency-room trips last year?) However, you can still find the recipe via a quick Google search. Just be careful if you dare to try this at home.

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