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Hot Yet Handsome
Women’s Blazer/Shorts Combos

Here’s the thing with women’s power suits: a good one looks snazzy and sharp, but a bad one looks like a remnant from Working Girl’s ’80s-rific wardrobe department. (Sigh. Just one more thing that men in the corporate world don’t need to worry about.) Luckily, designers like Dolce & Gabbana and Marni have been breathing new, stylish life into things. Instead of heavy, ho-hum gray and black uniforms, we’re seeing more fabulous, airy fabrics in bubblegum pinks and minty pastels. Some of these runway looks may be tricky to pull off in real life, of course. But we’re seeing the trend trickle down from the catwalk in a more-accessible incarnation: fitted blazers are increasingly being paired with tailored mid-length shorts, creating looks that can be both work- and play-appropriate — while summer lasts, at least.

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