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Chalked Hair

As much as we love our favorite hair stylists, we’re sort of stoked that the summer’s hottest hair trend doesn’t even require setting foot in a salon. Chalked hair is a DIY domain: pick up a palette of soft pastel chalks from a craft store, spritz your hair with water, apply pigment, air dry, and set the color with a warm curling or flat iron. (For tips, tricks, and inspiration, scour the Hair & Beauty boards of Pinterest.) The dummy-proof process isused to best effect at the end of piece-y curls, à la Lauren Conrad and her style gurus at, or tucked within a fishtail braid or along errant strands of a high, wispy sock bun. And even color commitment-phobes can feel free to experiment with multiple hues, since the brightest will wash out in a day or two.

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