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Into the Alpha

Alpha may be the first letter of the Greek alphabet, but it’s also the second act for Gentlemen Hall singer/guitarist Cobi Mike, who is taking the radio-ready pop sound of his “day job” and filtering it through an experimental sonic blender. A new band that may soon play side project no longer, Cobi’s neurotic and hypnotic Into the Alpha enlists Luke Nukem on synths and effects and Al Cleveland on live drums for a multi-pronged aural assault on the senses that is impossible to categorize. Shifting from R&B to dubstep to blues to electro to — well — whatever, in the same song, the result is fusion rock tripping face on acid. While we await studio-recorded material, we can get down to live versions from recent gigs at Middlesex Lounge and Church for a quick taste of this new musical innovation.

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