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Hot Shots
Shots We’re Not Embarrassed to Order

On the evolutionary spectrum of drinking, shots, like scales, get sloughed off when we can stand on two legs. (Or at least, once we’re out of the primordial slime of our college days.) But some bars are serving up fun, well-made options that don’t make us cringe the way saying “I’ll have a redheaded slut” did. The Cha-Ching shots at Moksa (450 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge, 617.661.4900) come in beer-and-spirit pairings inspired bythe four elements: wind involves vodka; fire, bourbon; water, rye; and earth, sake. Patrons yell “Cha-Ching!” when you throw one back. Brick & Mortar (569 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge) downsizes its daiquiri and offers less-familiar options like the Diamondback, a mini mix of rye, applejack, and Green Chartreuse. And Saloon (255 Elm Street, Somerville, 617.628.4444) offers house-made drams like the Southie Comfort, featuring pork-belly-infused rye. We’re ready to pound a few rounds.

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