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Future Boston Alliance

This year Future Boston Alliance (FBA), a nonprofit founded by Karmaloop kingpin Greg Selkoe, hit the gas on efforts to create a hipper and more innovative Hub for young professionals and artists. FBA is concerned that Boston loses too much of its creative workforce to cities that offer a more vibrant urban culture. So it recently launched a startup accelerator program to help savvy entrepreneurs develop and implement business plans. It also picked a public fight with Mayor Menino, depicting him in an FBA-made video as a City Hall stick-in-the-mud emblematic of a staid civic power structure. Politico and media reactions to FBA have largely focused on the group’s ancillary efforts to encourage later closing times for nightclubs and subway service. But reducing FBA to a nightlife lobby is dodging a more nuanced conversation about Boston’s culture and whether enough is being done to attract and retain young talent. Props to FBA for starting a dialogue; we hope it keeps going.

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