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Hot Piece Of Meat
100-Day Ribeye

With the notable (and grotesque) exception of Twinkies, few edibles can hold their own after three months of aging. But at Grill 23 & Bar (161 Berkeley Street, Boston, 617.542.2255), chef Jay Murray’s 100-day ribeye not only withstands the test of time, but improves with age. Sourced from California’s Brandt Beef, one of the most acclaimed all-natural ranches in the nation, this senior-level steak is so tender that it nearly negates the purpose of a carving knife. The delicate aging process breaks down the fat deposits in each piece, making for a more flavorful cut than anything you’ll find at the supermarket counter. Served à la carte at $49 a plate, the ribeye is an investment, but we suspect you’ll stomach the damage just fine.

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