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Our urban jungle isn’t the greenest of places. But that may soon change, thanks to a plan to convert two- to three-car sections of metered parking space into pedestrian-friendly “parklets.” Having proclaimed that the “car is no longer king” and already made the city more hospitable to cyclists through bike-lane expansions and programs like Hubway and Bike Fridays, Mayor Menino has now sketched a pedestrian-friendly
project called boston.PARKLETS, which aims to create three-season patios with seating and planters. Following in the footsteps of San Fran and NYC, the pilot program could bring parklets to Jamaica Plain, Mission Hill, Allston, and the South End by spring. Additional plans could convert under-utilized roadways and alleys into landscaped “pocket parks” to provide permanent outdoor gathering spaces, like public backyards. The purported environmental, aesthetic, and health benefits sound great — but they certainly won’t make finding a parking spot any easier.

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