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Animal Talk

Now that Boston is churning out some high-gloss pop acts (see: Gentlemen Hall, Karmin, and Young London), it’s high time that our indie-rock bands add a slick coat of polish to their sound. Rising post-dance-rock quartet Animal Talk fit the bill. Though really, they can fit any bill, having shared the stage with Wolf Gang and Young the Giant and gigged both way north (Toronto’s NXNE) and way south (Austin’s SXSW). They teased new track “Teenage Rocker” at a recent WFNX Alternatour show, and the cruising pop joyride should go over well when they join Deftones and Bad Rabbits at August’s KahBang festival in Maine. To prove they don’t take themselves too seriously, they’ve been peppering their live sets with smiling covers of Phil Collins and Billy Ocean songs. Animal Talk, we see roaring mainstream success in your future.

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