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Harpoon Brewery’s Beer Hall

Brew bros, your moment has arrived. If you’ve ever fantasized about pulling up a seat at a Munich beer hall and clanking steins with fellow strapping suds lovers named Sven and Hans, well — here’s a start, at least. The Hub’s own Harpoon Brewery plans to open a 300-seat Bavarian-style beer hall on Northern Avenue. It’s part of the brewery’s $3.5 million expansion project, which also includes plans to purchase new high-tech machinery and enlarge its visitors’ center. Blah-blah-freaking-blah. Back to the beer hall: imagine a huge space filled with kettles, fermenters, and long tables lined with jolly brew-swilling patrons. Need something to soak up the suds? The hall is expected to serve one (count ’em, one) form of edible: oversized pretzels. A Seaport venue dedicated to nothing but beer and pretzels? It’s the stuff of dreams. Sven and Hans, get thee to Boston; we’ll save you a seat.

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