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Hillary Clinton

Some of us feel that, from her first-lady days through her 2008 presidential run, Hillary Clinton never got a fair shake in the court of public opinion. (“She’s too icy!” “Crocodile tears!”) Now, sweet vindication. There are the hard numbers: recent Gallup polling shows Secretary of State Clinton enjoying nearly career-high approval ratings — which top those of the administration’s other top dogs. But we’re equally impressed by more-zeitgeisty evidence, epitomized by online tributes that have recast her from the role of Uppity Woman to that of Badass Boss. The now-famous “Texts From Hillary” Tumblr got guffaws with captioned images of a stern-looking Clinton sending terse correspondence to everyone from Jay-Z to Sarah Palin. Then came viral videos of her downing pilsner and dancing the rumba in Colombia and wearing Mardi Gras sunglasses and beads during a swearing-in ceremony. (“Coolest secretary of state ever?” gushed People.) The meme-sphere is crammed with lists of comically captioned photos — “26 Things Hillary Clinton Thinks About You!” — that cast an appreciative glow on her once-polarizing persona. Finally, she’s #winning.

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