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Nail Art

At first we were nervous about nail art seeing a resurrection in 2012. After all, it usually brings to mind nightmares of early-’90s mall rats with poofy bangs and trashy tank tops. But then we got a look at the bold patterns and popular looks that are part of the revival. If we’re feeling nautical, we can add an anchor or stripes. If we’re feeling frisky, leopard patterns are made easy with sticker varieties, like Sally Hansen Real Nail Polish Strips. The ombré trend, oh-so-hot for hair, has made its way to our fingertips via gradating colors and designs. And nail art has come a long way since the tacky jewel embellishments of junior-prom fame. Crushed gemstones, metal foils, and “caviar” beads offer more ways to trim our tips. We didn’t think we’d say it, but this trend nails it.

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