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Mitt Romney’s Belmont Stylist

His policy stances seem fairly — ahem, adaptable. But there’s one thing about Mitt Romney that doesn’t change with the winds: his hair. From his time as Massachusetts’s governor to his current presidential run, Romney has boasted the same signature flawless coiffure. (The style is so distinctive that it hasits own Facebook page.) And for more than two decades, Belmont stylist Leon de Magistris has been the man behind the mane. The Italian immigrant owns salon Leon & Co. (84 Leonard Street, Belmont, 617.484.4777), where, if you long to look like this longtime client, you can ask for the cut by name: The Mitt. According to a New York Times article, the barber — who is also the father of Dante de Magistris, chef-owner of Restaurant dante and il Casale — has urged the pol to try a more natural, tousled look. Romney has always demurred. Must be the conservative streak.

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