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Hot Drinking Buddies
Sam Adams and Berkshire Mountain Distillers

Beer is the Rolling Stones of drinks. It is suitable for any occasion, varies radically in style, and never goes out of fashion. So who would mess with it? We’ll tell you: every single whiskey distiller. Whiskey is essentially distilled beer, albeit generally a rather light one that probably wouldn’t be meant for drinking. It makes perfect sense, then, that a Massachusetts craft distillery and a local craft brewer would collaborate. Chris Weld, founder of Berkshire Mountain Distillers, tapped Samuel Adams founder Jim Koch to help create two new whiskeys, one made from Samuel Adams Boston Lager and another made from Cinder Bock, a limited-edition brew. Weld distilled thousands of gallons at his Great Barrington facility, and the result is presently aging in wooden barrels. Expect a Sam Adams whiskey taste test sometime in 2015. A wise man once crooned: “You can’t always get what you want.” Yeah, right.

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