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Hot Dose Of Reality
South Boston

The neighborhood received a reality-TV-style spoofing with those hilarious “Real Housewives of South Boston” videos. (Speaking of — isn’t it time for another?) But it’s also the ’hood of choice for those trying to launch real Boston-set reality shows: in the past year, at least five Southie-based shows have been pitched, with producers visiting to scout locations and recruit potential cast members. Viacom reps were spotted near Castle Island in March, casing the hot-dog-munching crowds at Sullivan’s for Dirty Water: The Real South Boston. Also vying for a piece of the pie is A&E: thenetwork’s upcoming Southie Rules will follow a South Boston family grappling with gentrification. And 495 Productions, the “minds” behind Jersey Shore, are readying Southie Pride for TLC’s fall lineup. The show will go inside the homes of five South Boston women, which sounds awfully similar to the RH concept. Fingers crossed they wind up brawling at Jackie’s Packie.

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