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Cocktail Macarons


Cocktail snacks are so predictable. Peanuts? Yawn. Wasabi peas? We’re over them. But The Hawthorne (500A Commonwealth Avenue, Boston, 617.532.9150) has introduced us to some clever confections that are as exciting as the beverages they complement: cocktail macarons. Pastry chef Lauren Kroesser collaborated with the Hawthorne’s bar star, Jackson Cannon, to create special cocktail-inspired macaron flavors: mojito, Sazerac, strawberry daiquiri, and Dark ’n’ Stormy are just a few of about a dozen that are already available. (And expect the list to continue growing.) Thanks to the Hawthorne’s new nibbles, we can pair our actual libations with an edible version — and really make it a double.

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