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We were psyched to see Ted take the American box office by storm in July, but we’re excited that next year, the world will get a glimpse of Boston that moves beyond bong-ripping teddy bears and Mark Wahlberg (much as we love Mahky Mahk). Filming now in Roxbury is Paul Feig’s The Heat, a buddy-cop comedy that pairs Sandra Bullock with Bridesmaids scene-stealer Melissa McCarthy. Acclaimed action auteur and Bourne Ultimatum helmer Paul Greengrass is also stopping by Boston to film certain land-based scenes for his upcoming Somali pirate thriller, Captain Phillips, which features Tom Hanks in the title role. Even the South Shore gets a day in the spotlight, with Wareham’s Water Wizz water park serving as a backdropfor The Way, Way Back, a coming-of-age story starring local guy Steve Carell and conceived by the Oscar-winning writers of The Descendants. A few purely popcorn flicks are filming too (like Adam Sandler’s Grown Ups 2), but these ones have us really buttered up.

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