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Hot Closet Cleanser
Fashion Project

Who among us hasn’t felt guilty over a designer suit or shoes left gathering dust in the closet? Enter Fashion Project, a new Boston-based site cofounded by two Harvard JDs that accepts donations of name-brand clothes and accessories and resells them online, donating a portion of the profits to the charity of the donor’s choice. Current partners include the National Autism Center, the Ellie Fund, and the March of Dimes — and you can add your own, too. Those Gucci shoes may have pinched your toes, but donating them for a worthy cause feels oh-so good. A few other incentives: participating local retailers offer rewards for donating to their favorite charities, and Fashion Project provides a pre-paid donation box for shipping the results of our wardrobe purges. Excuses for holding on to unworn outfits are hereby eliminated.

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