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Hot Burn
(Sort of) Wet Workouts

Summer’s reliably roasting temperatures can have you soaking in sweat before you’ve even walked through the gym doors. But this year, some fitness centers are taking cues from water sports for their workout classes. Shockwave, a recently unveiled cardio and strength-training class at Equinox (225 Franklin Street, Boston, 617.426.2140), offers a high-intensity circuit challenge that revolves around the Indo-Row rowing machine. And we can soon work on our board skills (not to mention our triceps and pecs) with SurfSET Fitness, which offers fat-burning, muscle-building workouts on state-of-the-art RipSurfer X machines. Boston Athletic Club offered a sneak peek of the new regimen last fall, and it’s slated to hit gyms in our market in September (keep an eye on for location updates). And if you really want to dive into your workout routine, head to Commonwealth Sports Club (1079 Commonwealth Avenue, Boston, 617.254.1711), which features numerous aquatic-exercise groups that focus on flexibility, coordination, and muscle toning. You’ll have that beach body in no time.

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