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Boston’s Burger Renaissance


Burgers are an all-American sandwich, but they’ve rarely gotten all-star treatment. (“Pink slime,” anyone?) Thankfully, the fast-food staple is now gettingits due as the centerpiece of high-profile openings for every taste, including a slew of better-than-average chains such as Five Guys Burgers and Fries, in nearby suburbs, and NYC-based 5 Napkin Burger, which opened here last year. Next year, the Big Apple’s famous Shake Shack comes to the Chestnut Hill Shopping Center, and Colorado-based Smashburger will begin opening a dozen Boston-area restaurants. The Wahlberg brothers’ Wahlburgers in Hingham is hoping for a national rollout, starting with more Boston-area spots. For boutique burgers in casual settings, we have Four Burgers — a Cambridge classic that crossed the river last year — and Fenway’s Tasty Burger, soon to add a Southie location. And this spring Krista Kranyak of the refined Ten Tables restaurants unveiled Grass Fed, a JP “burger bar” that serves responsibly sourced meats with inventive toppings and sides like poutine.

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