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Hot And Whole
Fin-to-Tail Dining

Feasting on whole beasts is nothing new: from nose-to-tail dinners at Craigie on Main to pig roasts at Citizen, whole-hog dining is de rigueur. Now here comes fin-to-tail dining, a hot (and more heart-healthy) alternative. At Jody Adams’s Trade (540 Atlantic Avenue, Boston, 617.451.1234), you’ll discover a whole roasted trout with pineapple pique, cilantro, and plantains. At il Casale (50 Leonard Street, Belmont, 617.209.4942), Dante de Magistris’s whole trout with citrus, Italian slaw, and salsa Genovese is a menu mainstay. Post 390 (406 Stuart Street, Boston, 617.399.0015) also does whole grilled fish, eyes and all, while Michael Leviton at Area Four (500 TechnologySquare, Cambridge, 617.758.4444) — whose specialty is “whole beast” cooking — rolled out a salt-baked whole Maine halibut. And this summer, Island Creek Oyster Bar (500 Commonwealth Avenue, Boston, 617.532.5300) introduced a whole black sea bass, designed to serve one hungry diner. It’s battered in rice flour and fried up whole. (Cod cheeks, grilled with spicy tartar sauce, are a more virtuous alternative.) Truly intrepid? Head to Chinatown’s Peach Farm (4 Tyler Street, Boston, 617.482.1116) for whole fish-head soup.

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