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Hot And Spicy
Late-Night Spice at Market

Yeah, we know that spicy food before bedtime isn’t always wise. (We blame bad chimichurri sauce for one particularly hallucinogenic dream that involved penguins, Betty White, and a pair of fuzzy leopard-print handcuffs. Don’t ask. Please.) But sometimes potato chips and leftover lunch doesn’t suffice forpre-slumber snacking. Thankfully, master chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten is addressing our cravings with his just-launched Late Night Spice menu at Market (100 Stuart Street, Boston, 617.310.6790) in the W Boston hotel. Borrowing influence from Asian street-food classics, the lineup is stacked with enticing items like roasted cod with Malaysian chili sauce, spiced chicken samosas, and Vietnamese coffee ice cream. Each $10 small plate is available on Friday and Saturday from 10 p.m. to midnight. We look forward to a full — key word! — night’s sleep. (Oh, and just in case — the safe word is “St. Olaf.”)

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