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Hot And Fresh

Once, the word “juicing” conjured visions of Hollywood fringe dieters and hippy-dippy patchouli devotees — but now even Starbucks is getting in on the game, having opened its first Evolution Fresh juice bar in Seattle this spring. We, of course, are more pumped about home-grown happenings. June saw the opening of Nourish Your Soul (17 Playstead Road, West Medford, 888.995.8423), which cold-presses organic fruits and veggies to extract extra nutrients for its juices, smoothies, and cleanses. (We’re partial to the aptly named Green Juice, a blend of kale, romaine, parsley, spinach, cucumber, lemon, and apple.) It’s the brainchild of Susan Cabana, who refocused on healthy living after her husband’s sudden death at age 37, eventuallyleaving the finance world to become a yoga instructor and wellness consultant. Lauri Meizler, founder of Newton-based brand Joos, followed a similar path: the onetime Wall Street food and beverage analyst quit the corporate rat race to study nutrition and Ayurvedic medicine. Now she packs 10 to 14 types of organic produce into each bottle of Joos, available via home delivery and pick-up points at fitness studios around Greater Boston. And even on-the-go commuters can get a fresh fix: Juice (145 Dartmouth Street, Boston, 617.248.5828) opened inside Back Bay Station this spring.

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