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Hot Act Of Downsizing
Mini Desserts

Gone are the days of stuffing your pie hole full of molten lava cake and quivering mountains of chocolate mousse. Mini desserts are a crafty way to get a sugar fix without overdoing it (or at least, without looking piggish while picking at social events). Todd English’s Olives (10 City Square, Charlestown, 617.242.1999) serves a trio of mini cupcakes from his daughter’s shop, Isabelle’s Curly Cakes. MET Back Bay (279 Dartmouth Street, Boston, 617.267.0451) doles out free push-pops on the terrace when it’s steamy outside. At Coppa (253 Shawmut Avenue, Boston, 617.391.0902), a morning stuzzi sandwich of Nutella and bananas lets you eat dessert first. Even food trucks are getting in on the action: at the ever-creative Staff Meal, a bite-sized square of foie gras baklava is a totable treat.

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