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Hot ’Hood
Jamaica Plain

Some worry that an influx of trendy restaurants will detract from JP’s quirky character and gentrify its diverse population. (“Sounds familiar,” sighs the South End.) Us? We can’t lie; we like having new reasons to explore this oft-neglected part of the Orange Line. First came Scottish pub The Haven,gastropub Canary Square, and tapas restaurant, record shop, and bookstore Tres Gatos. This year they’ve been joined by gourmet burger bar Grass Fed (run by Krista Kranyak of the neighboring Ten Tables); Caffè Aromi, a Euro-style café in an ultra-modern, stark-white space that looks like an art gallery; Tonic, an upscale American spot; and Whisk, a pop-up restaurant thatoffers prix fixe tastings. Next up: Irish pub Eugene O’Neill’s, named for the playwright buried in Forest Hills Cemetery, and Centre Street Sanctuary, a restaurant slated to open this fall in a converted Catholic church. Pray the food is as cool as the setting.

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