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A picture is worth a thousand words, so maybe we shouldn’t be surprised that GIF images, presently the digital darling of Tumblr, have proven so effective at expressing our Internet-age emotions. The moving, multi-second clips, often culled from movie and TV scenes, are used to wordlessly convey situational humor. Though #WhatShouldWeCallMe is credited with jumpstarting the meme, there’s now a GIF-loaded,inside-joke-laden Tumblr for every occupation, demographic, and location. Among those Bostonians will appreciate isGif Hub of the Universe, where clips from The Simpsons, Jersey Shore, and Star Wars describe reactions to the MBTA, Boston Common food trucks, and the Red Sox. Give a quick Google to findcollege-specific sites dedicated to Harvard, BC, and BU. And for a funny niche-oriented approach, scope The Boston Gays, where Beyoncé videos and Real Housewives clips are used to wax on everything from the local bar scene to national politics. #CallUsEntertained.

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