September 8, 2012 | Shea Rose at Brighton Music Hall

You might have caught Shea Rose steaming up the pages of our Boston’s Sexiest issue this past spring; evidently, the rest of Boston has taken notice. The Braintree-born, Berklee-educated soul siren has been heating up the local club scene with her irresistible elixir of big R&B beats and brash, balls-to-the-wall lyricism. Busting taboos and hip-hop stereotypes on cuts like “Light Fades” and “I’m the Shit,” Rose packs a merciless wallop. If you haven’t felt the impact yet, get thee to Brighton Music Hall (158 Brighton Avenue, Allston, 617.779.0140), where she’s headlining a 9 p.m. show. Grab tickets ($13) at