September 1, 2012 | Marie Antoinette at the Loeb Drama Center

Okay, Marie Antoinette probably never uttered the phrase “Let them eat cake.” But that hasn’t stopped her from becoming pop culture’s poster child for the one percent — and no wonder, given her marathon gambling sessions, three-foot-tall coiffures, and legendary appetite for haute couture. Now, more than two centuries after her run-in with the guillotine, you can catch the ill-fated queen in the American Repertory Theater’s world-premiere production of Marie Antoinette. Written by David Adjmi, the playwright behind last year’s Off-Broadway hit Elective Affinities, the show takes a comedic peek into Marie’s life. If The Real Housewives of Versailles had existed back then, it might have looked something like this. The show opens on Saturday at the Loeb Drama Center (64 Brattle Street, Cambridge, 617.547.8300) and runs through September 29. Find tickets ($25–$65) at