Breakfast of Champions

We don’t know about you, but this is definitely not what we had for breakfast. In fact, the granola bar we scarfed on the bus ride to work would probably quiver with fear (and then crumple up with shame) in the presence of this beast: The Billionaire Benedict. It seems that being a billionaire has more perks than private jets — it means it’s A-OK to poach your eggs in Champagne before noon, thank you very much. The White Elephant hotel’s Brant Point Grill (50 Easton Street, Nantucket, 508.325.1320) plays host to this indulgent grande dame of brunch, and they’re not above letting her show off a little. Perched atop a sturdy crisscross of potato hash — representing society’s underlings, we imagine — it starts with a lightly toasted English muffin, which of course signifies the old-money royal bloodline. You like sausage in the morning? This lady calls for two four-ounce filets mignons. Next, all good days begin with a little bacon, right? In the homes of serfs, they do — make it a lobster claw, garçon. This is all topped off with that softly sweet Champagne-poached egg number we mentioned before, which demands a garnish. Chives? She adjusts her mink coat and scrunches her nose. Better make it sturgeon caviar. Then, because whipped cream is for wimps, comes a dainty dollop of crème fraîche. According to food and beverage director Jonathan Ruppert, the restaurant sells about one a month, with a price tag of $100. We bet you were guessing a whole lot higher, right? Chump change!