August 31, 2012 | The Face at the Boston Conservatory Theater

When you’re fantasizing about the dream casting for a big-screen adaptation of your life, it’s easy to forget just how unsettling the viewing experience might actually be. That’s the scenario explored in The Face, a new opera from composer Donald Crockett and poet David St. John. Set in Venice Beach, the show uses music, film, and choreography to chart the anguish of Raphael, a writer forced to confront the traumatic loss of his muse and soul mate when an ambitious young actress takes on her role in a film about his life. You can catch the opera’s 8 p.m. East Coast premiere at the Boston Conservatory Theater (31 Hemenway Street, Boston, 617.912.9222). Admission is free, but space is limited — so visit for info on securing your seat.