September 24, 2012 (moved from August 30) | Swagger Up My Style! at Eastern Standard

As history has proven time and time again, a man’s wardrobe can be his Achilles heel. (Rick Santorum lost the Republican presidential nomination for many reasons, but we’re pretty sure his sweater vest was one of them.) Thankfully, Hub hombres in need of some sartorial schooling will soon have a shot at redemption, courtesy of Swagger Up My Style! This class from local image-consulting firm It’s a Man’s World will offer expert guidance on dressing for success on the dance floor, at the office, and when picking up groceries in a certain neighborhood hottie’s field of vision. Class commences at 6:30 p.m. in the cushy comforts of Eastern Standard (528 Commonwealth Avenue, Boston, 617.532.9100), and your tuition ($20) covers your first drink. Reserve your spot at