August 29, 2012 | Red Baraat at the Museum of Fine Arts

The words “wedding music” don’t conjure pleasant associations for most of us. (We’d prefer that the Village People, the Black Eyed Peas, and Celine Dion were permanently stricken from the guest list, thanks.) But though its name contains the Hindi word for “wedding procession,” Red Baraat is anything but your average function-room act. The project took root after founder and dhol drummer Sunny Jain’s own wedding, when he tapped friends to form a marching band and perform at the ceremony. Now he’s the leader of a nine-piece act that fuses brass- and percussion-filled bhangra jams with funk, go-go, Latin, and jazz. Catch the Brooklyn-based band when they bring their party-ready sound to the Calderwood Courtyard at the Museum of Fine Arts (465 Huntington Avenue, Boston, 617.267.9300) for a 7:30 p.m. concert. For tickets ($24–$30), visit