Next Best Thing to an Island Getaway

The days are getting colder. At this time of year, we start daydreaming about tropical getaways with fruity drinks and hot, muscled cabana boys serving us in nothing but - sorry, where were we? Beauty Awards, yes. Alas, a shoestring budget doesn't always allow for far-flung vacations, so we love that Aloha Boston Massage (45 Newbury Street, Boston, 978.771.5590) opened right in the Back Bay this past spring. Owner and massage therapist Denise McGarry is offering Hawaiian Lomi-Lomi massage ($135 for 90 blissful minutes), a style that is soft, rhythmic, and fluid. Therapists use their hands and forearms to massage different parts of the body at the same time, increasing circulation (and deep relaxation) by caressing the body's muscles with wavelike motions. Plus, there are copious amounts of coconut-scented oil - which could only be better if it were smeared on by one of those cabana boys. We can dream, can't we?