New Age appropriate

When some people find inner peace, they can't help but express it outwardly. You know the types: the gal in the neighboring cube, perhaps, who leaves her dog-eared copy of The Secret leaning oh-so-casually against her computer. Or maybe it's your cousin who has worn a red Kabbalah string ever since she discovered a religion dedicated to the holy trinity of the Madonna, the Ashton, and the Demi. So you see, at first we weren't sure about Blee Inara, an accessories brand from designer Ivonne Kino, who went "from stay-at-home mom to successful entrepreneur." Her designs, which include a bunch of bracelets ($24-$48) arriving at Twilight (12 Fleet Street, Boston, 617.523.8008) in June and July, are "all inspired by a sense of harmony, bliss, goodwill, and peace." Frankly, we're made nervous by mission statements that sound like they were made using Magnetic Poetry kits based on Oprah transcripts. But the buys are too damn cute to resist. They include wrap bracelets and elastic styles with charming charms: feathers, infinity signs, "evil eyes," and a "tree of life," among others. Sure, the symbols sound like ankle-tattoo options for someone in the midst of a third-life crisis, but - call us crazy - the adorable and affordable pieces make us feel as chic and centered as doing downward dog in head-to-toe Lululemon. Also eliciting bliss? Twilight is transforming an entire store wall into a showcase for similarly cool new accessories. Sounds like a beautiful balancing act.